Japan and Cherry Blossoms

Apr 22, 2019

Japan and Cherry Blossoms

April 22, 2019

The Cherry Blossoms petals are falling in Tokyo now and in their short presence of existence you will see much beauty in and around the areas of Japan.

March to May are the months of spring in Japan and spring is the season of cherry blossom viewing. Each year, japan’s weather bureau forecasts the best dates for cherry blossom blooming from city to city. In Tokyo and Kyoto the cherry blossom trees are at their best at the end at March and beginning of April. Other locations to the south of Japan (Okinawa) start blooming earlier and northern cities start blooming later (Hokkaido).

There are three stages of the cherry blossom tree – the first bloom, the full bloom (80% in flower) and the petals falling. The weather condition will determine how long the tree will stay in full bloom. As a guide, 14 days is the estimated time cherry blossom trees will stay in bloom, though rain, wind and snow will shorten this time period.

The Japanese word for Cherry Blossom is Sakura. Hanami means cherry blossom viewing. Day or night the beauty of the Sakura is celebrated through the form of Festivals, picnics and parties. Shades of pink and white fill areas of Japan, the trees line the pavements and you will find locals and tourist sitting underneath the cherry blossom trees celebrating the Hanami tradition.

In Tokyo, Ueno Park is a beautiful location where you can celebrate Hanami. Himeji Castle in the Kansai region of Japan is another must see location. Kyoto is covered in shades of pink, cherry blossom heaven. In fact each city will have many locations where you can find beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Cherry blossom is the flavour of spring and I am really craving for cherry blossom ice cream right now.

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